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March 2012

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Bad Daughter, Panic, He Took A Cab, Ryn Gargulinski Against War, Shadow Traffic, The Iron Boys, The Daily News: Rot in Hell, Stalin in Aruba, A Kudo for Mr. Death, Lunch on the Grass, They Could No Longer Contain Themselves, Family for Sale, Katie Dissed by The Wall, Remembering the Blackout of 2003   Read More


Bad Daughter
It's as if she has taken the Almighty aside and nudged Him in the ribs... Read More


He Took a Cab
It isn't just the fares who are down on their luck, if they ever had any luck at all, but the cabbies, too ... Read More

These poems address the limitations of our control over our fates, our private grief and longing ... Read More

Poems Against War
Anybody who thinks writing a good poem is easier than making a fine cabinet is an oaf ... Read More

Shadow Traffic
Richard Burgin's fiction is often described as "gritty," but after reading his latest scintillating collection of stories, I thought perhaps a better descriptor might be "seedy." ... Read More

Show Up, Look Good
In the end we might just as well take Wisniewski on his own terms because the story and characters don't necessarily fall into neat comparisons ... Read More

Stalin in Aruba
… brims with a dark humor. The poetry, lyrical, full of fresh, vivid imagery, is saturated with grim irony ...Read More

The Iron Boys
At times you can even hear Huck Finn in Corbel's narrative... Read More

They Could No Longer Contain Themselves
The stories in these five chapbooks are barely contained, bursting out beyond the confines of their plots ... Read More

A parade of colorful characters reappear throughout, narratives overlap ... Read More


by Cait Turner

… like those old bodies coughing spasmodically into hazy neon evening, nothing stays forever ... Read More


Twist Ending
by Eric Cline

It was written (with deliberate vagueness) that Les dressed in a business shirt, but no one ever said what business he was in ... Read More

Family for Sale
by Eric Goodman

It's a shame, when you think about it, that you can't trade in a family. Like a car or a girlfriend ... Read More

Lunch on the Grass
by Michael Hemmingson

I see no use in starting a war with any adult here in the park ... Read More

by Jeevak Lal

"He who dares wins, he who dares wins," was Duffy's joyous response ... Read More

An Interlude
by Jeffrey Price

"And if he jumped off a bridge?"
"That'd probably mean he was jumping after me, Daddy."... Read More

Remembering the Blackout of 2003
by John Richmond

It wasn't until the station went completely dead that I slowly began to put two and two, together ... Read More

Suited for Marriage
by Julie Mark Cohen

"Look at this. The New York State Legislature passed the same-sex marriage bill and Governor Cuomo signed it. In thirty days, you could've saved your money and gotten married at home."...Read More

Katie Dissed by The Wall
by Melanie Bacon

"... or pick up a sword and take vengeance against whatever heinous bad guys were responsible for this human/animal/vegetable or mineral tragedy." Read More

The Four Seasons
by Paul Dickey

I had to laugh. I didn't know if he knew what I knew about Sherry (turned out he didn't), but it didn't matter....Read More

How She's Changed
by Kelly Cherry

He had begged for her love ... Read More


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