Spring 2012 — THE POTOMAC

Katie Dissed by The Wall
  Melanie Bacon

Katie was a girly-girl with lots of friends, and something of a diva. She loved clothes and did most of the shopping, and Kit didn't really like her taste which ran to short skirts, frills and high heels. Kit preferred it when Kathy bought her clothes. Kathy was a gentle, easy-going person who liked to spend time by herself, a jeans, T-shirt and flip-flops kind of a girl. But since she didn't like shopping much more than Kit there was never much of a casual clothing selection in her closet. Kathryn - Dr. Kathryn after she received her PhD in retro-nano-anthropology in 2025 when she was 25 years old - was the scholar and also the bleeding-heart, who'd volunteer at the drop of a hat for every good cause or trip to help the orphans or the disaster victims or the hungry war-shocked animals, and then she'd disappear, leaving Kathy or Katie or Kit to smile sadly and mend owies and clean up messes when what she really wanted to do was just find a quiet corner and read (Kathy), or get a nice relaxing pedicure (Katie), or pick up a sword and take vengeance against whatever heinous bad guys were responsible for this human/animal/vegetable or mineral tragedy (Kit).

"What time is it, please?" she asked the Wall.

"It is 0600 hours," the Wall said. "Who are you?"

"Kit," she answered.

"I'm sorry to hear that," said the Wall

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