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April 2011

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Rabbi Auschwitz, Women Who Give Blowjobs, Michael Salcman, Unincorporated Persons in The Late Honda Dynasty, Edward Hopper Redux, Glickfeld's Useful Gifts, How Can We Make Your Power More Comfortable?, Pamela Painter, Dying a Virgin, Corporate Linguistics, Like Water From Cactus, Zombie is The New Vampire, Austin B. Hallock, Jen Michalski, Nina Badzin, and more...   Read More


The Best of the Web 2010
Of course, this was surely inevitable, but the debate about online versus print publications has largely been put to rest by now. True, there’s a lot of dreck out there in cyberspace, but that’s always been true about print media as well ... Read More


Over the course of the collection, Duhamel also tells the story of her parents’ bad fortune.  Ka-Ching! is dedicated to her parents; her father had recently passed away when this book was published. ... Read More

Speech Acts
A man tells the poet he doesn’t trust women who give blow jobs; they’re all about control, he maintains ... Read More

Rabbi Auschwitz
The poems in Rabbi Auschwitz all have the vertiginous, off-balance quality of nightmares ... Read More

The Subjective Nature of International Human Rights
The countries where consistent persecution and repression of women and sexual minorities by state and non state agents is rampant are too many too name. Yet, we rarely hear about them because they don’t make interesting news ... Read More

How Can We Make Your Power More Comfortable
Ball is not partisan, neither Republican nor Democrat; all are fair game. Identifying himself in one essay only as a “social libertarian” ... Ball seems to admire the philosophical insights of Any Rand, but he’s no acolyte ... Read More

The Enemy of Good is Better
MS often thinks about the body from the inside out; there are as many references to the guts as to the outward human form. Sex is finally lust, even in its love-fraught and love-lost physicality ...Read More

Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty
His tone is often that of the reserved, detached social commentator, but occasionally we see a show of concern, empathy, and consciousness of his ties to the world observed ... Read More

Useful Gifts
As adults we must put away our childish things and be more acted upon than acting.  Useful Gifts is a worthy collection ... Read More

Words for Empty and Words for Full
Poetry is too often a decorative vase which holds nothing, shapely words wrapped around spaces ... Read More

Wouldn't You Like to Know
Wouldn't You Like to Know has a story to suit almost every reader's taste, making the collection perfect entertainment for multi-tasking, 21st century adults with Attention Deficit Disorder ... Read More

Cold Light at the Edge: Edward Hopper at the Whitney, 2011
In all of his work, he seemed to get under and inside whatever it is that seems to make Americans estranged from one another and from wherever they are... Read More

Wake-Up Time For America
I’ll try to sum up the current economic and political situation in a few paragraphs, because the trends are becoming on one hand obvious, but on the other hand obfuscated by mainstream media... Read More

Corporate Linguistics
A lot of questionable language passes through a corporation each day, and I'm not talking about cussing, although thankfully there is plenty of that in some workplaces as well... Read More


Battle of Bennington
by Margaret Gilbert

The butler said a crowd of people gathered around me until the Police came.  He didn’t say how long that took, how long I lay on the ground, bleeding. ... Read More


French Lesson
by Michele Ruby

Being very careful not to further injure her foot, he makes gentle, awkward love to her, murmuring the only French words he knows:  quiche, mousse, brioche, camembert, éclair ... Read More

Put your shoes on and get out
by Pat Stansberry

You’ve evaded this confrontation, kept it at bay. Now she’s cleared the path in both directions, in and out, soft and hard. Standing still is no longer an option ... Read More

Preferred Reality
by Austin Bruce Hallock

He hurried down a side street and then into an alley.  An alley, of all things!  Wasn't that where thieves always retreated?  If he were noticed here, in his old T-shirt and carrying a plump briefcase, wouldn't he appear even more suspicious? ... Read More

by Brad Rose

The two of us, tighter than a tourniquet, sat in the car and traded serried accusations, back and forth, like switchbacks plummeting into a deep ravine ... Read More

Something to do While He Waited
by CL Bledsoe

They chitchatted while customers zoomed by in the other aisles, pausing for the millisecond it took the store cameras to scan their purchases and electronically deduct their value from the customers’ accounts... Read More

Tender is the Night
by Jen Michalski

On the top bunk, Alex writes Matt letters while lying on her stomach. She signs them “Tender is the night—Alex.” ... Read More

The Safety Wife
by Nina Badzin

Stop it, she told herself, knowing she was pathetic for clinging to his attention, for pretending the flashes of intimacy amounted to anything more than an overly friendly nod...Read More

Like Water from Cactus
by Brett Alan Sanders

Later I hear how it all went down. Boy got a little too saucy. Cactus juice dripping down his chinny-chin-chin from that nopalito taco, you get the picture ... Read More

Zombie is the New Vampire
by Eric Goodman

Maybe it wasn’t ripe-the dude from the strip-mall bar was a numbskull.  Maybe if she saved it, cooked it at home.  Maybe the library had a book on cooking pig brain or cow brain...Read More



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