Spring 2011 - THE POTOMAC

Two Poems
   Jorge Guitart

Part of the Solid Truth

We all come from a sleepy backwater
where there is no water to speak of
and at night everyone lies in bed wide awake.

This has been going on for centuries.
What to do? Legend has it that some outsiders
gave the people some practical advice

which they did not get for being in a fog.
Old folks cannot recall the last time
they saw someone who was not drowsy all day long.

The favorite hymn of the faithful in town goes,
"Lord, by the magnificent torrent
we have lowered our eyelids
and soon have engaged for your glory
in rapid eye movement."

They sing it but they must know
it is something that someone made up.


Dear All


You are the garden and the ditch.
You are the warden and the snitch.
You are what flows and what oozes.
you are the wrecks and the cruises

You are the menace in a cyst
and the promise in the mist.
You are the venom in the snake
and the flavor in the shake.

You are the triumph of repair
and the syntax of despair.
You are the buoyancy in a buoy
and the salt in the chop suey.

You are the pro in the ballpark
and the con that fools the mark.
You are the lace in what is laced
and the friend that is two-faced.

You are the radiance in the moon
and the intentions of the goon.

You are the sugar in a snack
and the meanness in a smack.

You are the beauty in heliotropes
and of rifles with scopes.
You are the glory of matadors
and the bad mood of janitors.

You are the yearning and the learning
and the burning and the spurning.
You are persuader and fine trader
and crusader and invader.

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