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August 2009

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Year of The Rhinoceros, A Case for American Political Poetry, In The Garden of Men, New Lines From The Old Line State, Kurosawa's Rain, Ahmed the Cab Driver, Acetylcholinesterase, The Coin of the Martyr, Radio War Snippets, A Congress of Monsters, Allegory of the Caiman, Yiddish Curses, Making Eye Contact With Automobiles, and more ...   Read More

Book Reviews

Year of The Rhinoceros
Although labeled a novel, the fact that Neff has worked in D.C. makes his book all the more alarming ... Read More

Book Reviews

Close Encounters
Several feelings pummel the reader of Michalski's Close Encounters. But the biggest of all is gratitude ... Read More

Ars Poetica - A Case for American Political Poetry
Why should poets address political issues, ask some critics with arched disapproving eyebrows ... Read More

In The Garden of Men
This issue of male archetypes and the violence of male culture pervades Dubus III's work. It is in his father's work to some extent ... Read More

New Lines From The Old Line State
The best of Maryland! The selections run the gamut from mystery to fantasy and everyday life with the entries, not counting the poetry ... Read More

What Men Want
Blow jobs is the short answer, but if you'll pardon the expression, McCullough has her tongue in her cheek ... Read More

The Animal
Do things exist in and of themselves or do they depend on our minds for their existence? ... Read More

The Currency
Though many of these poems begin in pursuit of the poet's privileged, panoramic vista of life, they return again and again to the vertigo of a consciousness that is constantly revising and reimagining itself ... Read More

The Words We Used
Poems about food tenderly conclude with ruminations on marriage and its dissolution; poems about sex invoke images of dietary excess ... Read More

Season of Flowers and Dust
In his observation and celebration of nature, Mosson also brings to mind Walt Whitman in the very sensuousness with which he describes the natural world ... Read More

Flightless Goose
Eric's words are well-chosen and presented in a friendly font that frequently undulates and trickles in time with the ups and downs of the story ... Read More


Kurosawa's Rain
by Rosanne Griffeth

When Kurosawa was thirteen, his brother, took him on a walking tour of Tokyo, a city defined by fantasies of destruction, decimated by an earthquake more deadly than Godzilla's dreams ... Read More


Immigration Man
by Paul Handley

Tortured Haitians with French accents that cry upon getting citizenship. Persecuted, gay asylum seekers, now in happy hetero marital union. Those with domestic charges seek empathy ... Read More

by Jen Michalski

She pushes hard on my body and I am on my side on the bed while she digs the damn chinks out of my ass. You gotta admire a woman who stands by her duty for her country ... Read More

Ahmed the Cab Driver
by Henry F. Tonn

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Ahmed was not a terrorist at all, just a cab driver from a small village south of Baghdad ... Read More

Nobody Believes Me
by Devin Sommers

When I called the FBI three days after the Murrah Building was blown up, the agent talked to asked me if I wasn't the one who'd phoned about Hoffa ... Read More

by Cortney Bledsoe

"The Occupation of Iraq Costing $720 Million Each Day," I read aloud. "Why haven't these people been locked up?" ... Read More

Two Stories
by Corey Mundwiler

You know how sometimes you think you hear different words being sung in a song? Like, "the girl with colitis goes by" instead of "the girl with kaleidoscope eyes?" ... Read More

Flavor of the Week
by Alison Morse

The dessert with the translucent moon of burnt sugar, egg custard, and secret ingredient needs to ping on her tongue from first mouthful to last--and it usually does ... Read More

Two Stories
by Virginia Crawford

He must love her. He loves her so much it doesn't matter. He loves her so much it doesn't matter if they don't have sex anymore. God. No sex ... Read More

The Coin of the Martyr
by Joseph Sheehan

And she knew the things he liked to spend money on. Spiderman, The Green Lantern, Batman, The Fantastic Four, Cracker Jacks, black liquorice Nibs, sweet and sour candy ... Read More

Status Quo
by Nathan Leslie

So I'm sitting in a bumpy wingback chair in Venice in a late July evening. This is the last leg of our trip and I'm ready to return to St. Louis. From the open window I can smell the fetid Grand Canal ... Read More

by Michael Andre

The green heron stands on a boulder awaiting his fish. The river whirls and gurgles. A bear, fat from all summer, sashays along the bank ... Read More


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