Summer 2009 - THE POTOMAC

The Physics of Now
   George Moore

Between particles and strings
exists the language of governments
exposed. This means, in part, prove
that one decision affects another
and that your garage gets full of junk
only because the economy is good
or bad, things break down, are
replaced, or not, are given away
or sold in sales to neighbors, whose
garages are full. In one case, particles
interact, anti-particles are brought
into being, sprung, like the car you
bought that you didnít need, but
it was red. In the other, strings
vibrate with human flesh and blood,
and although we want to see
into the workings of the collapse,
we can see only those violin like
high-pitched screams of the underclass
squirming to get at the head of their
special enrollment class. And as
with science, new theories settle
old grudges. The universe is not so
discrete, it fits itself into our last
economic bubble badly. Now, the real
now, in which we live by touch
and feel, by eyes that cannot see
atoms, were they to exist, that now,
looks here for new theories to explain
the warp of space around the elite.

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