Summer 2009 - THE POTOMAC

Two Poems
   Ed Field

Thoughts After Gaza: What Hitler Taught Us

In a world of Hitler and Jews
you have only one choice anymore --
you can either be Hitler
or the Jews.
Every Jew will understand this.

Israelís motto is ďNever againĒ
and declares the end of history,
our history of being the victim.
Itís what it has finally taught us --
in a world of Hitler and Jews
thereís no other choice Ė
be Hitler.

Surrounded by enemies,
actual or possible,
with an occasional rocket
to ignite the threat of attack,
you finally go crazy,
like Stalin, who translated
the ideals of communism
into a police state.

And like the Israelis
trying to crush the Palestinians.
The rest of the world may not like it
but you canít argue with fear.

But nobody else wants to be The Jews either.
If the Palestinians get their state,
they will become Hitler, our Hitler,
and we will again become The Jews Ė
in fact the Israelis have made that likely
with the brutal occupation.

Thereís also the greed factor,
the way we dealt with the Indians
to grab the land Ė
Hitler based his Eastern policy on ours,
rounding up and exterminating the people
of the conquered lands to the east
as we did in the west.

Horrified as the civilized world is,
itís our history led us to this --
that in a world of Hitler and Jews
better be Hitler,
be Hitler, never again the Jews.

Nothing to argue about,
you canít talk away fear --
huddled together in a tiny country,
even with a powerful army
and the atom bomb Ė
itís built in.

Every Jew will understand this,
and that is the tragedy --
for now everything is set
for a continuation of our doleful history
where we are The Eternal Jew,
expelled from our difficult homeland again,
the worldís pariah,
the role we cannot shed,
the role weíre destined for.

What It Comes To

After almost fifty years living with a man,
Iím an expert -- am I an expert! -- on what it takes,
and what it takes out of you.

A general principle -- straight or gay,
no two people are compatible Ė
even my identical twin brothers canít get along.

First fact, and this might be too obvious to say:
After the initial rapture,
you have to face it that neither of you
owns the otherís dick --
the revelation comes sooner or later
and itís not the end of the world.
But in love or not, menís sexuality
is more often than not of the roving kind.
For a straight couple thatís trouble,
For two men together thatís double trouble.

Nothing will change that except, perhaps, age
and/or a prostate operation, though thatís no guarntee.
Nor -- second fact -- are you ever going to change him.
Best to look on him as an exotic, marvelous creature --
like a pet with a human voice.
Youíd never expect your dog or cat
to be anything but a dog or a cat,
and what he is is what he is --
observe this creature of a different species.
Theyíre funny, these Martians, or Venusians, or whatever.

If thereís a problem, itís you.
Pay attention to yourself,
your hour of yoga, writing your poems,
playing your own music.
Focus on your own pussy or penis
rather than his for a change --
in short, remember yourself.
He too will then have to look on you
as an alien, but interesting, species.

On a practical level, being useful
is a sure fire means of keeping him around
for those great meals, that source of funds,
a shoulder to cry on, and even if your heartís broken,
being a barrel of laughs --
and when he has to leave
itís So long, kid, with a wave and a tear.
He wonít find anyone as good as you.

Youíve heard women, and plenty of guys, lamenting
they ďwasted twenty years on that bastard?Ē
As long as heís there in your life,
okay, count yourself lucky.
And after itís over, the memories, the happy memories,
will keep you warm, easily as warm
as that dickheadís lies, his cheating arms.

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