Summer 2009 - THE POTOMAC

   Steven Rothbard

Born in Havana, drinking buddy of Romero,
Iturbi, Cugat, and Ameche,
(who found his inebriated rants
really too preachy),
he could later be seen on Rodeo
Drive wearing his beret
at the requisite rakish pitch
with satyriasian cigar’s full phallic tilt.
He was often out with Che
(The sonofabitch!)
he of the anthracite eyes, and really built
who later stole the beret thing
and was known on college dorm
posters and T shirts as a fling.

They’d met in art school, copying
A 20s Russian propaganda icon,
but that was years before
they hit on
the Revolution Thing.
“Jesus, Fidel!” said Che,
“The lovers we could have been!”
“That’s it, Che! Everyone loves a rebel.
Like this Jimmy Dean.”

Today, Joey’s college girlfriend asks
“Who’s Che?” crushing her beer can.

“He’s a Brazilian rocker,
ODed on coke in the jungle,
buried with his toucan.”

“He’s really hot as hell.”

“Latin looks. He knew Fidel.”

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