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Winter 2014

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I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp, Hysterectomy Waltz, Armed and Dangerous, Ode to Push-Up Bras, The Book of Life, Raising the Dead, Two Paraprosdokian Poems, Whack-Job Girls, What Things Are Made Of, Mr. Nipple Has a Secret, Blowout, Saul and Charlotte, Little Houses, A Punk's Life is Short, Jewess, Droning On, The Uncivil War, Miss Amerika ...   Read More


And as the title suggests — as the eponymous poem bears witness — it’s essentially about desire, in its purest form, the carnal drive that motivates him, the all–consuming temptation for which we’re willing to risk everything ... Read More


Duhamel's poetry is admirable for so many reasons; she's playful and wise and funny and heartbreaking all at once. What more do you want from poetry? ... Read More

I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp
Richard Hell may have invented punk as we know it, but a Very Clean Tramp is not the work of a perpetually angry young man ... Read More

Instructions for My Mother's Funeral
We all fear our parents' loss of vitality, anticipate their death long before the actual fact comes to pass ... Read More

Little Houses
But we're not talking about "real" ghosts, after all, are we, the stuff of Poe and other authors of gothic romance? ... Read More

Saul and Charlotte
There is also a potent mystical element to the poems in this collection, as Brodsky seems more than just to imagine his parents in the afterlife but almost to behold them so, like a Biblical Hebrew prophet ... Read More

The Book of Life
Therefore, I read Joseph Anton primarily its portrait of Rushdie as a “teller of tales, a creator of shapes, a maker of things that were not ... Read More

The Hysterectomy Waltz
Names are important in this story.  It is significant that none of the narrator’s family is ever named, from the aunt to the husband to herself and her daughter ... Read More

The Life and Death of Poetry
These are lovely poems that capture the feeling of isolation and beauty on a remote island in the North Atlantic ... Read More

The Whack-Job Girls
ZoBell brings us right to the brink of the breaking point, without pushing us over the edge. Perhaps that’s the secret of "The Writer as Rapist," ... Read More

What Things Are Made Of
In short, Webb is a worshipper of the material world, the only one, he knows, we can be absolutely sure of ... Read More


Mr. Nipple Has a Secret
by Bonnie ZoBell

Everyone knew Mark Nipple didn't believe in UFOs. That's why seeing one up close on his way home from Giggling Graphics, his graphic design firm, he wasn't sure how he'd ever tell his family ... Read More


No Way In
by George Foy

Pike jostles her knees and the in goes south, the "n" become a rivulet of blue ink that disappears into white ... Read More

Droning On
by E. Jean Roller

Brian McPheeters would have broken the mold—had there been a mold in the first place. And he was keenly aware of his unique specialness ... Read More

For Eternity
by Jennifer Juneau

They hadn’t seen each other for two years, but this is the sort of thing that brings family together. They studied their menus for what seemed an eternity and he drifted off into space before one of them spoke ... Read More

by Mark Person

I guess maybe because she’s Jewish herself – and female – she feels she’s allowed to use it. I guess she’s being ‘ironic,’ too ... Read More

by Meg Pokrass

The kids were no longer around, Mark and Anita could wake up and read or bring coffee back to bed and make love for a bit... or not. Lately not ... Read More

Layer Cake
by Molly Fuller

She presses them together, pats them gently with the palm of her hand, uses a flat edge of a knife to coat imperfections with icing ... Read More

A Punk's Life is Short
by Nick Barich

Disorder filled his mind, leapt from his fingers like electricity, and set his throat aflame. He knew he had to make everyone in Winooski, Vermont know how this music affected him ... Read More

Ladies of the Night
by Paul Dickey

They always settled for premature judgments and concluded that he wasn’t a good catch, didn’t have an intellect, or perhaps a sense of humor ... Read More

The Mediator
by Bill Duncan

He said he was “giving back” after retirement, and though he had been a mediator for only a year, he felt his experience at the bank gave him a professional presence in a process generally seen as uncomfortable... Read More



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