Winter 2013 - THE POTOMAC

Shadow of a Man

   Amir Darwish

Shadow of a man,
lost in cultures,
in pursuit of perfection,
with an eagle eye,
Sly fox,
easily deceived.

Immediate memory, problematic,
nothing is shared today,
apart from the stars and the moon.

Looking through a small window
A few stars appearing,
others are hidden.

Heartless love bird with a slit throat.
Glances exchanged,
star winks,
I wink back,
winks again,
I wink back again.
Minutes turn into a 12th Century Arab pilgrimage
Left Cairo weeks ago, Mecca still a while to reach.

Seconds becoming sand pieces
stinging the face.
Thirst is an enemy,
illusionary oasis.
Hours are many, and there is only me
Days are countless,
Time is senseless,
Affection is senseless.
Sensibility is now senseless.

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