Winter 2013 - THE POTOMAC

Ode to Push–Up Bras

   Katy Day

And there you were, showcased in a window,
With strings of lights and garland hanging all around you,
Decorated with lace and silk and rhinestones.
Contoured to the shape of a perfectly sculpted mannequin.
The object of my desire since my un-ripened youth,
When anticipation became longing and eventually came... nothing.

Oh push-up bra with your manufactured cleavage,
Your oh so natural plush padding.
You promised to increase my one–scoopers by two sizes,
With flawless curves and incredible comfort.
You vowed to keep our newfound friendship a sexy little secret,
And to never take credit for your masterly work.
There you were, waiting for me, like all that time,
The journey through my awkward teen years
Had been to lead me there to you,
Push-up bra, where all of my dreams could come true,
All for the low low price of thirty–nine ninety–five.
You promised to change me forever and boy did you ever.

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