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How to Make a Living as a Cabdriver in Rome, Exiles and Expatriates, Hot Flash Sonnets, Boston Strong, The Platinum Age of Television, Windsor Hotel, The Book of Life, How to Make a Living as a Cabdriver in Rome, Constitution Square, An Alternate History of the Flood, Santa Claus is Real, Windsor Hotel, Kyiv Sestina, all the hear we could carry, Mark Nipple Retires ...   Read More


All the Heat We Could Carry
Heat, indeed, is a metaphor for passion throughout these poems, including sexual love but encompassing all human drive, hope and ambition ... Read More


In many senses, the relocations of human men and women and the many reconfigured floor plans are shifting borders.  But behind them all, I find the most profound border upheaval that underlies all others the one between work and life ... Read More

Exiles and Expatriates
How the characters come to terms with their loss is the source of the tension in these stories; often there does not seem to be a resolution, just further exile and continued sorrow ... Read More

Fur People
Not for fear of getting shot or killed, but like all Hendricks' characters, these women exist outside the mainstream ... Read More

Guinevere in Baltimore
You can just imagine Puhak winking broadly out at the audience here.  For just as in the previous collection, there's some fine irony at work in these poems as well ... Read More

Hot Flash Sonnets
Think of Petrarch.  Think of Dante.  And yes, think of Shakespeare and the Elizabethans ... Read More

Closely observed, like amoeba under a microscope that blossom into dinosaurs, the ordinary experiences in an average lifetime represent so much more than their simple everydayness ... Read More

Just Drive
These poems are full of humor and humanity, brimming with familiar characters and the sort of everyday street adventure you might find in a Malamud or Bellow novel ... Read More

Looking for the Gulf Motel
An openly gay Latino, born in Spain to Cuban émigrés only to move to New York and then Miami shortly afterward, Blanco tackles the complexity of identity issues from a keenly personal point of view ... Read More

Kara Candito writes within the vast context of western poetic traditions.  Her poetry demands a familiarity with forms and an understanding of historical context ... Read More

The Book of Life
Her parents and grandparents were Marxists, for whom religion was opium.  The essence of Judaism for them was social activism ... Read More

What Happened Here
Like a patchwork quilt, all of these pieces mesh together to make one consistent whole, giving this collection of stories something of the effect of a novel ... Read More


Mr. Nipple Apologizes
by Bonnie ZoBell

His specialty was rock band album covers. He'd surprised Neon Narcissist with one of his best, but his son had said it was all wrong ... Read More


Nipple Riot
by Gary Herschorn

Aubrey smiled, thinking how certain radio and television stations refused to say the word "pussy" when referring to the band... Read More

Everything You Need to Know
about Being a Nipple

by James Valvis

It might even have been a nipple gag or two better than most. Last month he had counted sixteen nipple jokes, the month before nine, and the month before that fourteen ... Read More

Santa Claus is Real
by Jan-Erik Asplund

Would it not have been beneficial for God to swap them, to mak`e the past that which is shrouded and impossible rather than the future, on which so much depends and which is so hard to imagine? ... Read More

Kyiv Sestina
by Naomi Telushkin

Winter in Kyiv is gray and raw, sunlight an occasion. My townhouse however, and those around it, are orange, blood red and green — colors bursting in the Ukraine winter like a butterfly... Read More

Cut Me Up
by Nitin Jagdish

Zenith is gonna swallow the other brands, man, and then their scientists are gonna invent attachable TV screens and we're gonna be tricked into attaching them to our heads like tele-sombreros and they're gonna bomb us with commercials and the only way to change the channels will be by slapping each other ... Read More

Nipple Knows Best
by Jennifer Juneau

Nobody laughed. They were too hungry. No wonder people thought he was such a jerk ... Read More

The Platinum Age of Television
by Robert Wilson

He was wearing a tuxedo and his white hair was balding. An evil grin spread across his face while his arms lay on the table, a cigar slowly burning in his right hand... Read More

Mark Nipple Retires
by Zippy Spielgantz

Just making more money was not going to give him any sense of accomplishment or mitigate the stress of time wasted in pointless activity ... Read More



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