Holiday 2014 — THE POTOMAC

The Platinum Age of Television

  Robert Wilson

Everyone gathered around their high definition television sets to watch a mandatory broadcast. At approximately 8:02 P.M. a show about zombies was interrupted to bring us a fat man sitting behind a desk in front of a window. He was wearing a tuxedo and his white hair was balding. An evil grin spread across his face while his arms lay on the table, a cigar slowly burning in his right hand. Through the window a couple of orange balls glowed in the night sky.

For a half hour, the only movement was the smoke slowly billowing throughout the room. Then, the screen became pixellated as a robotic voice told us "we interrupt this broadcast to bring you an emergency bulletin." The televisions then showed a close up of the fat man's burning cigar, its ashes occasionally falling. For an hour we were at the edges of our seats. Then there was five seconds of static followed by a sitcom about two prostitutes.

That was when we started eating each other.

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