Holiday 2014 - THE POTOMAC

Two Poems

   Mark Wisniewski

Youngest Cousin

as soon as I entered the bar
she walked up & said she'd
read my last
& found it "interesting"

19 years since we'd
seen each other
2 surgeries on my heart & another
on the way
5 human beings delivered from her
3 major wars her father's death a recession countless
acts of terrorism & as many cruelties brought upon us
by former friends & strangers
& that was all: "interesting"

well it beat
what came
from the other cousins
& the nieces
& nephews & boyfriends now gathered
behind her

paying me the meek
smile acquaintances
offer when they
haven't seen you for so long

they sense
it's probably
more likely sooner
than later
that they'll learn
if you'll indeed
prove immortal


After She Opts Not to Procreate

you'll forget about mortgage rates
interest rates grandchildren
surnames hellbent on infinite propagation

about flesh & blood & bones trying to outlast time

you'll take chances with riffs to live
down your rock
& roll dream

until it funnels

you into its
last note

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