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July 2010

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Honey Boy Unmasks The Power Elite, Exo-Political Issues of D-Baby, Homo Economicus of Holland, Six-Legged Warriors, The "Temper" Murder, In Praise of Falling, A Dream of Northwest Passage, Her Delicate Shoe, Burstein's Worst Nightmare, Sexist Docs of Ostriker, 2nd Elizabeth, 3rd Wednesday, Med-Tech Diabetes Dialogue, and more ...   Read More


Dutch Master Capitalism
The burgher was a citizen first and homo economicus second. And the obligations of civism conditioned the opportunities of prosperity. JB yearns for the days of principled ambition ... Read More


In Praise of Falling
Evocative bits of narrative, interrupted by graceful images that evoke divine connection to a cosmic force beyond daily existence. Are we kidding? Alison reviews ...Read More

Battle Hymn to a Republic
If the media is hammering something home it's time to check the mailbox for the foreclosure notice. Another reality kick-in-the-head from the Honey Boy, NB ... Read More

The Second Elizabeth
This book is experimental fiction. This book tells a story like the ocean. It swirls in the eddy and sweeps angst from the sea floor. It stuns with its overlapping waves ... Read More

Time for ExoPolitics?
Are aliens among us, or is it just wishful thinking? Perhaps even a way to escape responsibility for our own failures and delusions? The "D Baby" Thompson mulls it over ... Read More

Burstein's Worst Nightmare
Salcman says re his review of Burstein, "As both poet and art critic I am perhaps his ideal reader and his worst nightmare." Let's see what happens ... Read More

The Upcoming Cure for Diabetes
Found nowhere else but TP, we present a technical and in-depth interview concerning the struggle to cure diabetes. It's mucho techno, but worth it if you can stick with it. From our PChaiet ... Read More

Invading Docs of Ostriker
Like an invaded country, the baby's body is liberated from the mother's and then extracted, like a body from a trench. Okay, not really getting it, but maybe Alice Ostriker is ... Read More

Splendor and Horror
But the way [Candito] seduces you most essentially is in the overall sense in these poems of an intelligence exploring the border between civilization and chaos ... Read More

A Real Pistonhead
Reminiscent of Jay McInerney's debut novel, Bright Lights, Big City, in that [this work] deals with confused youth looking for some personal sense of meaning. CR reviews T. Hauck ... Read More

Her Delicate Shoe
Eschewing the verbal pyrotechnics that has bedeviled so much of contemporary American poetry, Crown chooses a plain style to tell us about herself ... Read More

Lit Journal Review
There are duds within the group that underwhelm, but there are also breathtakingly sensitive meditations on mortality that make the entire collection worth reading ... Read More

Janus-Faced Optimism
While official occasions can elicit boring art, that is a small risk considering that a public sphere devoid of the arts is devoid of the highest intricacies of human expression ... Read More

Six-Legged Soldiers
When Shiro had the requisite data, he ordered the release of clouds of infected fleas over residential neighborhoods ... Yeeeah! Ms. Diehl reviews Jeff Lockwood's book on insect warfare ... Read More

Dream of NW Passage
Hudson disappeared after being left behind by mutineers on his fourth trip searching for a route from Europe to the wonderful spices of China. Carol reviews Cooperman ... Read More

A Matter of Temper
Focused as these poems are on a tragic murder, the collection may also be viewed as a classic murder mystery, the ravaged body found by the railroad tracks. CR on "Temper" ... Read More


The Madness in the Mothers
by Robin Billings

You couldnít step a toe out of line around Cecilia, and that was hard not to do when you never knew where the toe line was, or how not to cross it. It seemed to change every day with that mother ... Read More


Night Teaching
by Nathan Leslie

Every semester I end up fucking one of my students, sometimes two if Iím lucky. If the beautiful ones are taken or disinterested I move onto the second tier. If the second tier is taken I move onto the third tier, and so on ... Read More

Kielbasa King
by Ryn Gargulinski

Grandpa laughed when he said they were intestines. He once fooled us, too, into eating corned beef by saying it was ham. His hugs were so strong they nearly broke our backs. He'd encase us and wouldn't let us go. And then he dropped dead ... Read More

by Ellis Hunter Loth

Over the stretching of our time together I had been a ghost in pink lingering, to haunt his every letter; the first exhales of whales after returning from ocean bottoms, with pink ostrich feathers for fingers and lily whiteness draping me to stem ... Read More

Springtime Affair
by Ellis Hunter Loth

You'd love nothing more than to take me against the fax machine, then close your eyes and have me disappear, along with your guilt. Convenient how you place all the shame of our desire onto me: I seduced you, I wanted this ... Read More

Men With Single Ears
by Matthias Krug

The really shocking occurrence, though, was that the women all seemed to have two perfectly intact ears; as you would presume to be normal on a human head. This shook Floyd somewhat, although he did not want to be accused of being narrow-minded ... Read More

The Incident
by Wendy Skinner

The collisions quickly gained miracle status when after one such gruesome metal against metal crunch, a young Mexican girl told her mother she saw the Virgin Mary in the aura of the Lexington Boulevard westbound left turn arrow ... Read More

The Boy's Brother Tells the Boy's Mother
by Laura McCullough

He thinks about what might be left of his brotherís body on the surface of the gym floor. The shining expanse of it, whether itís porous, whether anything of his brother remains, invisible to the eye, his DNA, some molecules of him ... Read More



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