Winter 2017 — THE POTOMAC

Make America Safe Again

AJ Coulter

You know the time, back when America slept
Trail–of–Tears safe, no–more–Cherokee safe, pushed them
all from Carolina to make us only–on–the–reservation safe
because we sought to save the man, kill the Indian
from Easter to Christmas because Jesus, Hallelujah,
and we stayed civilized. We used guns, not tomahawks.
Let's daydream about when we slept lynch-mob safe,
hooded-horsemen safe, flaming–crosses–on–the–front–lawn
safe. Not sure which one raped Tommy's daughter.
It was one of them. Hang 'em all.
No daughter of mine would ever sleep with color. I mean, hell,
they all look the same anyway. We must keep our daughters safe,
the look–the–other–way safe, all–lovers–argue safe,
none–of–my–business safe when women shop with black eyes
and busted lips, sweat in a long–sleeved July, a silent August.
Couples fight, and he is only like that when he drinks.
So let's be Prohibition safe, outlaw–booze–and–hooch safe,
and let's not blame ourselves at all when gangsters overrun
Chicago, Chattanooga, Miami, New York because we are safe.
But not as safe as when we corralled those Japs
during World War Two to make us kamikaze–camp safe,
keep–them–from–talking safe, better–if–we–keep–an–eye–on–them
safe. They talk, you know.
Protect the children and make America safe again—
Matthew–Shepard–tied–to–a–fencepost safe, scare them
too–scared–to–kiss–a–boy–in–public safe because we don't want
those abominations to dirty our children or our bathrooms.
We should be check–for–a–penis–before–you–piss safe,
totally is–that–a–real–vagina–or–have–you–had–work–done safe,
but not about guns. No, those are harmless, even when
terror suspects can't fly on planes; they should buy rifles.
I'm sure they are going deer hunting on Saturday. After all,
guns don't kill people. How should we make America safe again?
I know. We will build a wall.


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