Winter 2017 — THE POTOMAC

X Stands for Xanax

Mileva Anastasiadou

The road to happiness had been finally determined.
The itinerary was predesigned.
Presented to them by their ancestors.
A design for life.
A successful one.
Back then, when the dream became universal.
Back then, when they were taught that the part of the world they had been raised in, was the whole universe.

They followed the signs to the ideal life obediently.
They stopped at all the stop signs, they were warned about the bumpy roads, the dangerous turns and the prohibited lanes.
Despite the hardships, they were supposed to reach their final destination.
Only to meet a dead end.

They burnt the map in despair.
Their offsprings want to burn the streets too.

Generation X, they were called.
X stands for all the erased dreams they were forced to make.
For the forced neglect to the authenticity they carried and the antidepressants and tranquilizers they used to appease their despair.

X Stands for Xanax.


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