The Potomac — Poetry and Politics - Paul Dickey
Winter 2009 - THE POTOMAC

The Seeker of Truth
   Paul Dickey

Sir Isaac Newton, the chairman of the board, fumed: “You think you can do a leverage buyout of the freakin’ Scientific Method? The next thing you know (for God’s sake) you’ll be pitching the big bucks for Truth itself.” Rupert chuckled to himself. Yeah, he did. Newton was exactly right, totally on the apple so to speak. He had already bought out Journalism for a mere $5B. Why not Science? And that would be the first step to buying out the whole of Truth and Reality. The whole shebang. It wasn’t such a far out notion. Epistemology was already on the block for next quarter. He just needed a few swing votes on the board. He had a power lunch tomorrow with David Hume and he had hired some ladies to take Descartes out for a night in Paris and blow out his candle.


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