Summer 2016 - THE POTOMAC

Three Poems

Margaret Saine


The Flaw

nature secretes
strange beauty
around the flaw
the insect in amber
the baroque pearl
gall apple for your ink
writing in an air bubble
or trapped in resin
flaw is favor
flaw is flavor
the bulge is
nothing other than
new life


Basic Anatomy

my head room
strangely furnished
and in my throat
a singing thrush
my lungs
a red balloon
bladder and kidneys
swimming fish
my finger snakes
entangled and entangling
my legs
a limbo of trees
and hidden in the mangrove
my sex
a gaping cave
a dark place inside
that inspires my heart
forever to churn
blood and desire

I the low–lying
heavy atom
needing spin
to gain momentum
[the Dirac equation]



you excite
the electronic state
of my crystal
as you evaporate
my doubts

I lay trapped
in the present
among along
a buried element
heated in the past
and arrested
by local defects
and imperfections

With heat
we enable
our supine states
to interact
resulting in
lattice vibrations
and light

I adore your
after our latest

We are
riverine sand
shifting between
land and sea
death and life

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