Summer 2016 - THE POTOMAC

Two Poems

Gordon Purkis



I may have appropriated the sun
but the moon is yours.
Or more accurately you are
the moon;
each silky glance from your face
speaks of distance but
also love,
leaving me with no doubt
that you shine
by your own light
not mine
and that you are my guide
the ephemeral and eternal,
your voice like liquid grace
pouring over my skin.



Sometimes I wear a sad face
because I don't know what face
to wear.

But when I greet you or meet you,
reach for you in the certain dawn,
or the quiet, timeless night, I
wear the face you gave me;
confident, unshy, loved.

Loved the
way you touched my body, the way
you delivered passion and solace
like the rising of the sun, and how
you delivered ease and ecstasy like
a sundown, full of promises and sweat.

Glory be.

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