Summer 2016 - THE POTOMAC

Two Poems

Cleo Griffith


Giant Steps

red sky signals distant grass fire
ball of bronze
accessible behind smoky gauze
orange yellow air charms
soothes, I forget the source
for a minute — damage, loss, fear,
then remember stories
how children near war zones
marvel at the flash and brightness,
bomb's distance hiding
bouncing the earth— gentle imaginary giant.


What if Eliza Resists Henry Higgins?

     As it would be translated from the Cockney

Reaching toward me far
across the river of our differences
you spoke in language strange,
yet it was soothing in its tone
so I believed you meant no harm
and liked me, just me, plain,
now caution bids me leave
before some strange lesson does begin—
this is not the reason that I came
to play your supercilious princess game.

I'll not follow your dark lead,
is there poison in this cup
of so–called kindness?
Why call to me from
darkened corners
asking for my hand
only to discuss me
as a bother and a worry?
Explain to me your purpose
and your plan
in words, please,
that I can understand.

I fear you do not have my best interests in mind,
you only want to prove a fabricated theory of some kind,
I must resist, surely you see how wrong you are—
I have the moon, I have the sun, I do not need to be a star.

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