Winter 2013 - THE POTOMAC

At the Party for Colors

   James Valvis


At the party for the colors, Black tells his co-host White, “You’re not a color, but all the colors combined.”

White responds, “You’re not a color, either. You’re the absence of color.”

Black says, “Since you’re everybody, you’re nobody.”

White says, “Since you’re nobody, you’re nobody.”

After a prolonged silence, they agree to take over politics and share religion.


Near the punch bowl, Dark Gray turns off the lamp. A moment later, Light Gray turns it back on. Shortly following this, Dark Gray turns it back off. This cycle goes on an hour until other colors demand that stop. When they finally decide to fight it out, all either can do is shadow box.


Yellow hates being called a coward.

Blue hates its reputation for sadness.

They meet outside the party on the lawn.

Yellow is too afraid to go inside. Blue has too much sorrow to have fun.

They decide to hook up and watch the party through the window, Green with envy.


Orange considers forming a couplet, but she can’t find a rhyme.

Or a reason to give up the Gold she has stashed at home.


Meanwhile, Red finds Blue outside with Yellow, and says, “Don’t call anymore. Every time we’re together things get Violet.”


Depressed, alone, and standing in the corner, Brown realizes she’s just an Orange after she loses all her juice.

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