Winter 2013 - THE POTOMAC

Saturday in Eastside

   Ilanna Sharon Mandel

Seems like days since I’ve been here

but, it’s only been a week

an empty syringe lies beside your ear

while I’ve forgotten your name

I swear I never knew it to begin with

The truck of redemption sits nearby

ready to distribute food and save a few souls

A tiny dog sticks its ass in the window of the bus

wagging its tailĀ  at the homeless

A man standing beside me

says druggies age ten years for every year on the street

he laughs at a young girl

who barely escapes decapitation while desperately

hunting crack cocaine in the

middle of a busy thoroughfare

she lies on the street

each pebble, every morsel of dirt slips into her mouth

her lips lick cement as the sidewalk eats her soul
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