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Summer 2015

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Each Day More, More Money Than God, The Americans, Watch Me Go, The Book, The Secrets Drawer, This is the Girl, Perimiter, Camille and the Medicare Workshop, To Survive on a Bird, My Very End of the Universe, The Uses of the Body, Pukuj Book, The Youth Scam, Urban Happy Hour, How to cut chicken wings, When the Asteriod Hits, Snapshot of the American Psyche...   Read More


Above All Things
The best of these stories are not just brief but are more like "revelations" or "epiphanies" — of scene, character, situation, relationship. Go Gary! ... Read More


Each Day More
The tension between the fragile hope and joy of children and the finality of death is potent throughout the sixteen poems by none other than Lisa Albo... Read More

Immigrant Model
Noica says somewhere the only fruit that never ripens is man... It is December, 1989, and the monstrous dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu has just been executed... Read More

Mimi's Trapeze
There's an element of Erma Bombeck's sardonic humor in Rosser's poems, but add to that the graceful, seamless use of rhyme, meter, poetic form ... Read More

More Money than God
these poems are concerned with value — material and spiritual and all that lies in between, which, in a word, might be summed up as "family" ... Read More

One Nation Taken out of Another
However, the themes and the tone — whimsical, urgent, mystical, fond — are consistent throughout and display Berger's talents as a poet ... Read More

Slant Six
Slant-6 was a component of down-market automobiles, unremarkable, unadorned, and so emblematic of the lovable character Belieu creates for herself ... Read More

The Americans
A snapshot of the American psyche — a picture of a kind of rootless despair that pervades everything, but this despair feels both universal and personal, not necessarily "American" ... Read More

The Uses of the Body
Deborah Landau is very aware of that ticking clock, the inevitable wearing away and falling apart of the body, in her new collection ... Read More

Watch Me Go
What follows in over sixty chapters, in a breathless, headlong prose style that is the very essence of the urge to spill, is a complicated tale ... Read More

My Very End of the Universe
the best of these stories are not just brief but are more like "revelations" or "epiphanies" — of scene, character, situation, relationship ... Read More

The Words of My Mouth and
the Meditations of My Heart

Throughout his ordeals, Brodsky does not despair. He wants to live ... Read More


The Sign on the Delta Sig House
by Clarinda Harriss

But the other day the sun was out and the wind had died down and I had put my boots on to do a walk-around to assess the winter-damage to our yard, so I took a break and strolled a few blocks south to read the sign ... Read More


The Secrets Drawer
by Epiphany Ferrell

Her top drawer was messy. There was no organization at all, everything was thrown in a jumble. It looked almost as if someone had gone through it already ... Read More

Stiches - Mend
by Eric D. Goodman
But someone tended to be deaf when she didn't want to hear, blind when she didn't want to see, mute when you wanted to hear from her, and loud as Lenin on a soapbox when you didn't want to hear from her. ... Read More

This Is the Girl 
by Jennifer Juneau

I moved my lobster arms off the table as Maggie placed my plate before me. I attempted to pick up toast with my big red claws ... Read More

Leo and Lisa
by Gerald H. Levin
So now I'm your prostitute? Is that the way it is? This isn't about money. Besides, Leo, who are you kidding? If you're talking cash, you don't have it. And even if you did, I certainly don't need money from you ... Read More

Mark Nipple Travels Down Memory Lane
by Jennifer Lagier

By the time their pinot noir arrives, Camille is licking her lips, runs a finger around the rim of her martini glass, and beams a welcoming smile as she shares an intimate comment ... Read More

Pukuj Book
by Mendacious Stein

He was alone, in the desert, he lived in a cave, with just a lion, and his care was to make a book, a new book but an old book, not any longer based on the Greeks, who were too inspired ... Read More

by Nathan Leslie

Jim drove to the grocery store and bought six packages of snap beans. He liked the mental image this gave him. He could imagine snapping the beans between his fingers ... Read More

Just Get Me Home
by Nitin Jagdish
Back in a more repressed era, a driver, almost always male, could receive discreet relief from a passenger's face or fingers, almost always female, pressing against his lap, to use repressed phrasing ... Read More

The Youth Scam
by Roger Castleman

You could see it in the feeble lines of his chin and the hollows of his cheeks, his skull rapidly becoming that of an old man; his desperate wish to be young again was scribbled all over him ... Read More


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