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Summer 2016

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All That Beauty Brings, Ever this day be at my side, Civil Blights, Last Man Standing, The Old Men By the River, Face Half Illuminated, Red Rover, Call for Rain, Atlas Apothecary, Deep Six, A Daunting Exercise, Sinkhole, Overdrive Hills, When the Witch's Son Comes to Climax High, Waiting for Justice, All The Dark We Will Not See ...   Read More


Cosas del Mar
As with so many conversations among generations of Cubans, in the poem the unspoken is left out—and ever present ... Read More


Last Man Standing
The voice that paints these portraits is shrewd, sizing up characters the way an experienced bartender who's seen it all might pitilessly regard the feeble customer ... Read More

Face Half-Illuminated
Face Half–Illuminated is a book that attempts to reconcile dichotomies: present and past, war and peace, English and Polish ... Read More

The Poems of H. Leivick
This also displays a mood of aspiration and sentimentality, a theme found in the other poems in this anthology ... Read More

Memory can never let go, but memory leads, paradoxically, to release ... Read More

All The Dark We Will Not See
Serving up a big dose of bureaucracy looking like surrealist eggs over sleazy--corruption, whistleblowing, and all manner of Washington khans bent on domination. Read More

Blood Memory
Blood Memory recovers — indeed, like a photo album — the stories and personalities of McElroy's forebears ... Read More

Atlas Apothecary
As the title of his new collection suggests, he is still mapping the soul in time and space ... Read More

Overdrive Hills
... melancholy, intense, passionate, full of the awareness of the fleeting nature of love ... Read More

... there are stories in Shale for you to chew on. All are short in length and possess the characteristics of successful flash fiction ... Read More

All That Beauty Brings
he uses space, both temporal and on the page, to achieve the effect of a comma or period, in a more dramatic way ... Read More


Ever this day be at my side
by Roger Netzer

Within her mouth the sounds of sucking and muffled knocking did not abate, a set of clues you would think was all I had to puzzle over ... Read More


Movie Stars
by Jennifer Lagier

He was her placeholder love, a nice–enough guy, paid the rent, introduced her to friends, took her to parties where they hung around the fringes of fame... Read More

by Nitin Jagdish

Any true memoirist should agree, or at least find no offense in my remarks ... Read More

The Baby
by Richard K. Weems

The soldiers marched the entire family into the woods, but the baby was all they brought back ... Read More

Red Rover
by Paula Willis

If I could just reconstruct the thought process that got his license into the toilet tank, I might be able to figure out how he lost the key to my car... Read More

Pipe Dreams
by Gil Hoy

It's the kind of joint where Hemingway would have told his stories and downed eighteen daiquiris ... Read More

Making Personal Copies at Work
by Paul Dickey

This job wasn't working out, except for maybe scoring soon with the redhead with the desk by the copy machine ... Read More

A Daunting Exercise
by Mike Lee

The stern warning felt like the judgment of an angry God, and he knew his day would be torture... Read More

Turkey Vulture
by Lucien Gagnon

Nan's real name was Carol, but everybody called her Nan, even though it was just the special grandma name her grandchildren called her ... Read More

Cover Based on Stock Photo of Handsome Couple
by Holly Day

Veronica would never be able to stop in to try on or buy the beautiful pair of bright red high heels with the super–pointy toes... Read More

When The Witch's Son Came to Climax High
by Epiphany Ferrell

Godzilla roared near her elbow and Topaz Meridian said, "Fuck. What now?" before she took a calming breath and answered her cell phone ... Read More

by Denise Milstein

So I walk in unannounced, leave my sandals next to yours, step into the kitchen where I find you, unsurprised to see me there... Read More



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