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Winter 2016

Issue Highlights

For Dear Life, Quiet on the Set and Action!, Midnight on Hamburg Street, Oblige the Light, Then I awoke and found me here, To Donald Trump, This Angel on My Chest, Birth of a Eulogy, Hope is Good for Breakfast, Expecting Songbirds, Revenge of the Invisible Man, Openings, Where We Grew Up, valentine's day, The Tao of the End ...   Read More


A Manual for Cleaning Women
I don’t give a rat’s ass about your feelings. I’m here to teach writing ... Read More


Brain Camp
Indeed, this gets to the core of Webb’s poetry — he’s a real wisecracker whose poems shimmer with wit ... Read More

Expecting Songbirds
We get a good sense from the voice exactly who this Joe Benevento is ... Read More

For Dear Life
The whole tragedy, indeed, is that it is over much too quickly! ... Read More

Ghost Box Evolution in Cadillac, Michigan
bleak, economically depressed, the sort of place you imagine meth labs flourish ... Read More

Meat for Tea
With such impressionistic, abstract themes, there is always bound to be a great variety of literary and artistic offerings ... Read More

Oblige the Light
She uses adjectives sparely — and the adjectives she chooses more often than not describe color ... Read More

Root and Shoot
... these character would “feel at home” in a Ray Carver story, but these are characters that precisely do not feel “at home.” Ever ... Read More

This Angel on My Chest
So it’s not surprising that ghosts should turn up time and time again in these stories, a haunt ... Read More

Ugly Girl
...the recurrence of ghosts, memories that inhabit the mind, color the consciousness of the protagonists of these poems ... Read More

Where We Grew Up
Did I say the most poisonous memories? Well, only literally the most poisonous. ... Read More


by Epiphany Ferrell

One, she was cute. Two, she teared up talking about her love for cats. Her passion seemed sweet. ... Read More


by Holly Day

It was just a little past 3 a.m. when Lori pulled the shower curtain open and exposed a naked Adolph Hitler... Read More

Quiet on the Set and Action!
by Jennifer Juneau

This is what the strain of reality TV challenges did to us. Forget the prize money, I feared for my life. ... Read More

Three Quictions
by Lenny Dellarocca

Somebody somewhere made a mistake or willingly uncorked the test tube containing the end of the world ... Read More

The Child
by Mason Legg

Even as a parent he’d felt as though an infant around his parents, who’d referred to him and his older sisters as “the kids,”... Read More

Two Quictions
by Susan Smith Nash

I'm actually a fan of quirky festivals, and have attended a few in Oklahoma including the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival ... Read More

Birth of a Eulogy
by Nitin Jagdish

Mom would have been so happy to see you all here, though truth be told, she’d be drawing up a list of people who weren’t here ... Read More

Then I awoke and found me here
by Roger Netzer

Maybe it was a mistake to offer to fill in at wing for the girls’ soccer match. But after flubbing a couple, you execute a competent kick... Read More

valentine's day
by Rose Hunter

i feel no one has asked me if i am ok before, ever? ... Read More

Black Krim, White Rabbit
by Rosie Forrest

Dew greased the grass for bad ideas, and Alice, barefoot, spun on flat green shots... Read More



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