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Winter 2017

Issue Highlights

X Stands for Xanax, Superman on the Roof, Not Just Another Night, Make America Safe Again, All the Dark We Will Not See, You Give Me Faron Young, Unconventional Sonnet from a Party Girl, Blood and Gypsies, Shooter, five flashes, Andy's Ark Tavern, Exit Songs, Stupid Bird!, Paroled, A Prague Spring, Before and After ...   Read More


American Odyssey
conflates onlookers at a Memorial Day parade with a cavalcade of the American freaks Mark photographed ... Read More


Edge of the Wind
an excellent example of the page turner thriller that does double duty as a sharp depiction of character ... Read More

All the Dark We Will Not See
Neff dedicates the book to "those who resist," the people who put their lives and careers on the line to "do the right thing." ... Read More

Blood and Gypsies
The very title of the poem speaks of endurance of family through time by the sheer force of story ... Read More

Show Time at the Ministry of Lost Causes
happiness is so fleeting, but this is where it's found, in the odd bits of nature and life that pass us by ... Read More

Echoes of Tattered Tongues: Memory Unfolded
The book shakes us up, gets us out of our middle–class American complacency...Read More

Superman on the Roof
... the reader gets a strong sense of the child’s consciousness, his helplessness against circumstances way beyond his control or comprehension ... Read More

Camille Abroad
Camille is something of a predator, a big cat toying with her prey ... Read More

If You Wave a Chicken Over Your Head
What happens? If you wave a chicken over your head? ... Read More

... Mom and Dad do have distinct lives and personal issues, to which we can relate, but to the unborn embryo narrator ... Read More

Exit Songs
Cathy Porter writes gritty verse about betrayal and motel room lust, violence, death, discarded paper plates ... Read More

A Prague Spring,
Before and After

... His family, the city of Prague, the entire world are continually haunted by events that to an outsider might appear as dusty data ... Read More

It's either the book a child learns to read from or an underlying coat of paint; in either case, something fundamental, foundational ... Read More


Teen Fiction
by Nitin Jagdish

Fair or not, it is a well–established rule that where one matriculates sets the course for that person's life ... Read More


The Audition
by Jennifer Juneau

I trembled in front of the firing squad in the most serious culinary competition on the planet... Read More

Not Just Another Night
by John Richmond

It began as just another night, but it didn’t end up that way ... Read More

You Give Me Faron Young
by Mike Lee

The soldiers marched the entire family into the woods, but the baby was all they brought back ... Read More

How to Be an Aunt
by Alison Morse

Fall in love with a man who does not want to have children, by candlelight, on your first date in a Minneapolis bar with exposed brick and microbrewery beer... Read More

Stupid Bird!
by Eneida Patricia

I’ve missed you. I wish you would have stuck around. Guess that’s life? You wouldn’t believe how bad I look ... Read More

by Paula Willis

The cleaning lady's niece holds up a largish, bright purple, semi–translucent object which she has just discovered in a pot of geraniums ... Read More

I escape detection once more
by Roger Netzer

It was cold out. White plumes leapt from the exhaust pipe of the orange vehicle in front of ours... Read More

Shooter, five flashes
by Emily Greenberg

Everyone in the Bible study was nice, so much so that he almost reconsidered his plans. Almost ... Read More

My Brother and Me
by Ken Williams

Veronica would never be able to stop in to try on or buy the beautiful pair of bright red high heels with the super–pointy toes... Read More



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